Digital Sales & Marketing Analyst

As Digital Sales & Marketing Analyst, you will build and strengthen a team that implements and supports the business technology that enables our Marketing organization at C2G. You will develop and lead a team of Business Systems Analysts and Solution Architects who are passionately engaged in delivering results and outstanding customer engagement.

You and team will partner closely with various functions to assess business needs with the aim of gaining a competitive advantage. Your natural drive for innovation will fuel creative solutions that showcase how C2G makes employees’ lives simpler, more pleasant and productive.

You will make significant contributions to the success of the IT organization. You will use your people skills, business sense and expertise in the most recent technologies to provide creative ways to hire, develop and also retain the most capable talent. If reading all this has made you scream to yourself, “YES! This IS my dream career move!“, please send us your chronological resume that addresses the requirements listed below so that we your interest explore further.


  • Hire, lead and develop Business Systems Analysts & Solution Architects while being actively involved in running and growing business initiatives, as a team member as well as a coach.
  • Develop strategy and planning with an eye to delivering technology solutions that impact every employee at C2G.
  • Establish and adhere to standard methodologies in analysis, design and test to ensure the team is providing outstanding quality work and is consistently gaining everyone’s trust.
  • Partner with other IT teams to align technology decisions, development standards, and overall strategy. Partner also with business functions to ensure value is delivered through innovative and effective solutions.
  • Implement and run a premier marketing technology stack and seek out opportunities for technology consolidation.


  • 5+ years of experience as a people-manager in the area of Marketing Business Systems in a truly fast-paced environment.
  • 10+ years of experience in meaningful IT Business Systems Analysis supporting Marketing.
  • Experience with Salesforce systems (Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot).
  • Experience with a variety of Marketing technologies (e.g. Drift, Highspot, Clearbit, Optimizely, CVENT).
  • Passionate about developing and retaining talent and about enabling top performance.
  • Growth learner with a deep passion for technology and for making things run better.
  • Ability to influence senior leaders and help in making well reasoned decisions.
  • A track record of handling vendors optimally.
  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science or a related field.

Free Tableau Guided Evaluation

Visualize Your Data with Tableau

How long is a piece of string?

“Whatever answer you get in response to that, is the same you will get from the wrong business dashboards or reports… your guess is as good as mine”.

  • Do you work with data?
  • Do you find it difficult to get real-time business insights?
  • Are you spending 3 weeks on a report that can be delivered in 1 day?
  • Are you struggling to show your data visually in a way people will understand?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the above, we invite you to Test drive Tableau (the leading Self Service Dash-boarding tool), for 2 weeks and experience the impact Tableau can have on the way your organization sees and understands data*

What do You Get?

  • A couple of reports and dashboards that show you insights into your data like never before.
  • We onboard selected parties during the Trial period providing the foundation to ensure that your team is successful.
  • We’ll “pull the curtain back” each step of the way, so you’ll have a true picture of what it takes.

The best part is, at the end, you’ll have a dashboard solution up and running. If you decide to go forward with Tableau, you just flip a switch, and you’re LIVE!

Why ask The Right Questions from Your Data?

  • The answers lie in the data, unleash them.
  • Analytics is for Business Analysts not a report writing factory
  • Experience top-notch Business Intelligence!

*We’re providing this free service, so you may evaluate Tableau before purchasing. There is no obligation to buy any licenses or services, let your experience be the judge of that.

6 Best Practices for Creating Effective Dashboards

The hallmark of a data-driven dashboard is the ability to see and understand data at the speed of thought. Well-planned dashboards will allow both business leaders and knowledge workers alike to ask and answer questions in real-time, and turn insight into action.

Too often mistakes are made in the creation of dashboards, many times at the expense of efficiency, accuracy and hours of lost time.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • How to connect all of your data to a dashboard— no matter where it lives
  • How to blend data from multiple sources for a holistic view
  • How to choose metrics that reflect organizational objectives
  • What the best types of charts or graphs that are right for your data
  • How to improve efficiency with mobile analytics
  • How to share dashboards for better collaboration
  • Bonus: five dashboard mistakes to avoid


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Which Chart or Graph is Right for You?

You’ve got data and you’ve got questions. But which chart or graph helps you get to the heart of your goal?

Get started by creating the best type of chart for your data and questions. From there, you’ll quickly find you’re not only answering your initial questions, but telling amazing stories with your data.

The charts and graphs described in the paper include:

Lines, pies, maps, scatter plots, gantts, bubbles, histograms, bullets, heat maps, and highlight tables.



The Modern Approach to Business Intelligence

Your organization has plenty of data, and you understand the nuances of your marketplace. But traditional approaches to business intelligence are too slow, inflexible, and expensive. You need an approach to business intelligence that is governed and scales yet allows your business users to ask and answer their own questions with data.

This whitepaper provides an analysis of traditional approaches, and demonstrates a modern approach to analytics and business intelligence that empowers the business user, and makes her less dependent on IT for up-to-date actionable information

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Improving TCO with Cloud Infrastructure

How does cloud computing contribute to ROI? There are a number of fundamental drivers that impact on investment, revenue, cost, and timing that can be positively influenced by using cloud services. They relate to productivity, speed, size, and quality. This post describes how each of these drivers contributes to ROI, and shows how to use them to compare cloud and traditional IT solutions, and how to monitor them to maintain and build ROI from cloud computing.

The included presentation provides an analysis and best practice approach to evaluating and improving the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your hardware investments using Cloud Infrastructure. The attached case study is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS)


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New Routes to Market

Our innovative TradeDepot platform provides Product Manufacturers with innovative tools to automate their entire route-to-market, eliminate tedious reconciliation, cover retail outlets and get products to consumers faster. Take advantage of our extensive directory of retail outlets for various product segments, and a comprehensive product catalog that neatly plugs into your existing infrastructure to hit the ground running immediately, with no upfront capital expenses.

We provide the technology, data and manpower required to track inventory and sales through your channels, so you can focus on delivery satisfaction to your consumers.


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